Thacher House

Our Story

Honoring the past without the pretense of living within it is a trick that Calvin Zara handles with aplomb. It was his passion for old-world traditions and organic living that naturally led him to Ojai. In 2010, Zara, a proficient carpenter, began his hands-on renovation of the Dent estate, uniting reverence for the property’s history and imagination concerning its future.

“I wanted the marrow of the house’s original bones to help me establish a new life, a fresh voice,” explains Zara. “There is a particular charm about historic character viewed through a contemporary lens.”

Zara coated the walls in earthy hues, stacked the shelves with early editions of classic literature, installed contemporary art  — some of his own creation — and covered the floors with antique rugs. Down-filled sofas and chairs, vintage furnishings, and one-of-a-kind objects–each item was hand-selected and carefully placed throughout the property to conjure an ambience of old-world savoir-faire.

Bed and kitchen linens are line-hung and sun-dried. Vintage silverware, bone china, and crystal vessels elevate the dining experience. The scent of sun-kissed lavender permeates the air. And, of course, outdoor sitting areas across the property allow guests to savor the breathtaking scenery.

Thacher House is not a corporate experience. Each group is catered to based on their specific interests, tastes, and needs. Let us know ahead of time what you are looking for, and we will ensure you have a perfect stay. Ultimately, Thacher House aims to envelope you in the luxury of simple living predicated on the beauty and bounty of nature.

“I truly believe that when we experience the beautiful, there is a sense of homecoming,” Zara insists. “I’d like to welcome you to my home—and encourage you to make it your own.”